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Drive in comfort with a properly working heating and A/C system

Don't let the weather get to you

Make sure your car's heating and A/C are working

We’re truly blessed to live here in beautiful Minnesota. But let’s face it: the summers can get stiflingly hot. And the winters, of course, can be just brutal.


If you’re driving without a properly functioning heating and air conditioning system, you’re suffering.

You'll always get our best price - right from the beginning.

• Freon recharging

• Cooling system flush

• Radiators

• Belts and hoses

• Compressor and condenser


Full heating and A/C system repairs and maintenance

Make heating and A/C system inspections part of your routine car maintenance. Also, trust us for all your tire services, diagnostics, and suspension repairs.


Let us help you keep your heating and A/C working properly.

Let the ASE-Certified technicians at D & K Tire Service handle all your heating and air conditioning repair needs.

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